Yea It’s Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday! Two reasons why I’m excited: I’ve made it halfway through the week and it’s the day that I have a free evening!
My girls and I try to have movie nights on Wednesday, but tonight we read a book. Which I love more than movies because I am a former librarian so reading is my thing. My oldest, A, loves the Goosebumps books by R. L. Stine, as most third graders do. Ok, I admit that I also enjoy them. The book of the night was Piano Lessons Can Be Murder. (Key scary piano music and maniacal laughter). I’ll give you a little taste of the story…a haunted piano, a ghost, a creepy piano teacher who keeps remarking about the character’s ‘excellent hands’. Both of my daughters ate the story up! Although my youngest, R, did get a little scared during some parts. Maybe I should stop using scary voices and long pauses when I read, but that’s the best part!
Scaring R may come back on me; I want her to start taking piano lessons and I doubt she will after hearing that story!


Student Wows & Woes

I’ll start with a WOW. I teach gifted students and I am proud to announce that one of my fifth grade students, Marie, won first place in a Daughters of the American Revolution writing contest. Her picture was in our local newspaper. She wrote a beautiful story of a young girl living in the Boston area during the war. Marie described how that girl hid notes for the local militia in secret pockets of her skirts and how scared she was whenever she heard cannons or saw a British solider. It really was a great story and in my (somewhat biased) opinion, deserved to win. Marie worked very hard on her story. She had researched the Revolutionary War: important events leading up to the war, battles, as well as children’s lives during that time. We worked on her story for about three weeks. She would write a draft; I would proofread and make little suggestions for improvement. In the end, she had a great story.
Now for the WOE. Marie, along with the rest of my gifted students, is participating in the Slice of Life classroom challenge. The woe is that I don’t think she is putting much effort into her posts. She has the capacity to be a really good writer, but puts hardly any effort into posting. A few have been downright bad. Yes, I said it – bad! She’s one of those students who will just do enough to get by. I want to break her of that habit. Did someone say bad habits are the hardest to break? She came to school with the newspaper clipping, so maybe she’s on the right track.

Little Nephew

After school, my daughters and I passed by my parents’ house on our way home (stopped to visit for those of you who don’t speak south Louisiana). My 17 month old nephew was there.
Let’s just say that he LOVES his big cousins and they LOVE him too! His face lights up when he sees them walk through the door. My oldest wants to pick him up so badly that I have to watch her very closely. My youngest just loves to give him hugs and hugs and more hugs. He follows them around like a little puppy!
This afternoon, they found a zizerd (lizard for those of you who don’t speak baby). My nephew held it until he realized it was alive. Then, he just ran after it. Poor lizard!
After their adventure with the lizard, they ate a little ice cream. My oldest gave my nephew a little bite and he began doing his happy dance. His happy dance is part Happy Feet tap dance, part Axl Rose sway and all adorable! He does like his ice cream. And really, who can blame him? Ice cream is delicious.
I felt a slight twinge of remorse for allowing my daughters to corrupt my nephew with ice cream when his mother wasn’t around. But, it’s not like he’s going to tell on me!

1st Day of Spring

Today was the perfect first day of Spring. Besides being a beautiful day with the temperature just right, the day went so smoothly. My family actually managed to get up, get dressed and leave the house-not on time, but five minutes early! As if that wasn’t enough to make it a great day, there was no, I repeat, no quarreling between any of us.
My day went just as smoothly once I reached school. My students were on the ball and eager to learn.
The day just kept going. We had a great dinner at my parents’ house, read some books together then my girls went to bed without any arguements. Today was a day in which my daughters had NO verbal spats. That’s almost unheard of!
I ended my perfect day by finishing a pretty good book, enjoying a long bath and hanging a letter from my daughter calling me the world’s best mom on my refrigerator. Now, I’m going to bed hoping that tomorrow is just as perfect!

Movie Night

Tonight was my family’s 3rd official movie night. If you’ve ever read any of my other posts, you know I’m a busy mom to two busy girls. Well, Wednesdays are our “free” days. There’s no place for us to be–except home. Dorothy had it right when she said there’s no place like home!
Now, usually I use this “free” time to do laundry and other household chores that I didn’t get to during the weekend. But one day, it dawned on me that I don’t set aside any time for my family to actually be a family. We’re always rushing to get someplace or do something. So I designated Wednesdays as movie nights.
Movie nights are nights for us to cuddle on the couch, eat bowls of popcorn and drink chocolate milkshakes while watching a good movie! What more could you ask for?
Tonight’s feature film was “The Adventures of Tin Tin.” My girls loved it and so did I. I eagerly await next week’s selection.

Powder Puff Panic

Sunday was our annual Girl Scout Powder Puff Derby. Both of my girls were excited to race. Their dad fixed them up with two beautifully glittered cars that appeared to be fast. My oldest claimed her car was as fast as a rocket!
During registration, each car is weighed and measurements are checked. The cars can’t weigh more than 5 ounces. I handed over my Daisy’s car. It weighed exactly 5 ounces. Next was my Brownie’s car. It was 5.2 ounces! I took the car and tried to think of a way to make it lighter! My Brownie’s face dropped when I told her that she might not be able to race. She started crying and I started panicking! MacGyver I am not! I broke off part of the back tail, but knew that wouldn’t be enough. I had to make this car lighter! Their dad had put a weight in the wooden body of the car and covered the hole with some sort of filler. I desperately looked around for some sort of tool to scoop out the filler and maybe remove some of the weight. I used a coin to dig out the filler, but I couldn’t remove the weight inside. I looked into my daughter’s sad eyes and told her that I had done everything I could to make her car lighter. I hoped that it had been enough. As she wiped the tears from her eyes, her sister told her that she could use her car to race. But, she refused the offer. We walked back to the registration table. I was so nervous as they placed her car on the scale. Five ounces exactly! I had done it! Maybe I had a little MacGyver in me after all!
The Daisy races were starting. My little Daisy was the first one up. The cars were placed on the track, the girls shook hands, wished each other good luck and the cars were released. My Daisy won the 1st race! She raced five more times before losing a race. When awards were announced, she won 3rd place! She was quite excited to get a trophy.
Next up were the Brownies. My Brownie won her first three races. After her first loss, she won a few more races. Then it was the race to decide who would come out as 3rd place. The cars were released. The judges couldn’t decide…it was too close! The girls and cars switched lanes. An additional judge moved to the end of the track. The cars were released a second time. I couldn’t look. It was another close race. The judges conferred and the winner was…my daughter!
Both of my little Girl Scouts won a trophy, but more importantly, they had fun and were good sports!


Last night I travelled an hour and a half to see the Cirque du Soleil show Varekai. It was well worth the drive!
It’s the story of Icarus with a twist. Instead of falling into the sea, he falls into an enchanted forest where he meets all sorts of creatures.
The music was fantastic, the scenery was beautiful and the costumes were spectacular! My daughters and I were completely mesmerized. The acrobatics were awe inspiring. The things those people could do! Leaving the show, my daughter said that she wants to be one of the acrobats when she grows up…me too!

Lazy Morning

In my usual life of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I rarely have the time to have a lazy morning. Today, I jumped at my chance to have one of those. I woke up without a screeching alarm. I didn’t have to jump out of bed and rush to get ready before waking up two children who never want to be woken up. I just lay in bed enjoying the quiet. My daughters woke up, gave me a good morning hug and kiss then went off to play together. I stayed in bed listening to the birds chirping outside, watching the sunlight filter through my windows and thinking that today was going to be a great day!

What to Post??

I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter. – James Michener

This is a quote I took from Kathy Perret’s slice. She encouraged us to pick one of the writing quotes and tell why it resonates with us. I decided to use this as my post for today (mainly because I didn’t have anything else in mind for a post).
I would need to modify James Michener’s quote slightly to fit me.
I’m not a very good writer, but I’m a pretty good editor.

I have trouble deciding what my post for each day will be. It sometimes ends up with me agonizing over what to write…what to write! I’ve read so many wonderful posts and I have to say I feel a little unworthy to stick in my two cents. I’m much better at taking someone else’s words and giving suggestions on how to make them better than writing my own words.
I’m hoping that by participating in this challenge and forcing myself to share my words, I will gain more confidence in my own writing abilities. My students are participating in the classroom challenge and I can see that they are growing more confident in their postings. Maybe there’s hope for me!

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings time is not my friend these first few days!
This morning was complete chaos as we attempted to get ready for school. There was so much crying and fussing about not wanting to get out of bed and still being tired, that I almost cried and crawled back into bed! Luckily, we all had our clothes on, teeth and hair brushed, and lunches packed in time to catch the bus. As I drove to school, I vowed to have both of my children in bed EARLY tonight!
Fast forward. We’re reading over homework and chit chatting about the day, when I happen to notice that it is 8:30 –15 minutes past my daughters’ bedtime! I rushed to get teeth brushed and children tucked into bed. Luckily, they fell asleep right away. Much to my chagrin the clock I had been looking at all evening was the one clock I forgot to change! Now I’m off to bed to rest up for the commotion that’s sure to happen tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!