Yea It’s Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday! Two reasons why I’m excited: I’ve made it halfway through the week and it’s the day that I have a free evening!
My girls and I try to have movie nights on Wednesday, but tonight we read a book. Which I love more than movies because I am a former librarian so reading is my thing. My oldest, A, loves the Goosebumps books by R. L. Stine, as most third graders do. Ok, I admit that I also enjoy them. The book of the night was Piano Lessons Can Be Murder. (Key scary piano music and maniacal laughter). I’ll give you a little taste of the story…a haunted piano, a ghost, a creepy piano teacher who keeps remarking about the character’s ‘excellent hands’. Both of my daughters ate the story up! Although my youngest, R, did get a little scared during some parts. Maybe I should stop using scary voices and long pauses when I read, but that’s the best part!
Scaring R may come back on me; I want her to start taking piano lessons and I doubt she will after hearing that story!


3 thoughts on “Yea It’s Wednesday!

  1. I love that you take time during the middle of the week for family time. And it sounds like a book night would be every bit as much fun as a movie night. Sounds like you and your daughters had fun! (Although maybe no one will want to take piano lessons for a little while!)

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