Student Wows & Woes

I’ll start with a WOW. I teach gifted students and I am proud to announce that one of my fifth grade students, Marie, won first place in a Daughters of the American Revolution writing contest. Her picture was in our local newspaper. She wrote a beautiful story of a young girl living in the Boston area during the war. Marie described how that girl hid notes for the local militia in secret pockets of her skirts and how scared she was whenever she heard cannons or saw a British solider. It really was a great story and in my (somewhat biased) opinion, deserved to win. Marie worked very hard on her story. She had researched the Revolutionary War: important events leading up to the war, battles, as well as children’s lives during that time. We worked on her story for about three weeks. She would write a draft; I would proofread and make little suggestions for improvement. In the end, she had a great story.
Now for the WOE. Marie, along with the rest of my gifted students, is participating in the Slice of Life classroom challenge. The woe is that I don’t think she is putting much effort into her posts. She has the capacity to be a really good writer, but puts hardly any effort into posting. A few have been downright bad. Yes, I said it – bad! She’s one of those students who will just do enough to get by. I want to break her of that habit. Did someone say bad habits are the hardest to break? She came to school with the newspaper clipping, so maybe she’s on the right track.


2 thoughts on “Student Wows & Woes

  1. Wow is right! Congratulations on coaching an essay winner! That’s quite an accomplishment, both for Marie and for you. I have never done the Slice of Life with a group of kids so I don’t have much advice. Wonder if you could do a featured post every day, like the folks who run our contest have been doing! Maybe the idea of having all eyes on their blog might up the motivation to write well.

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