Little Nephew

After school, my daughters and I passed by my parents’ house on our way home (stopped to visit for those of you who don’t speak south Louisiana). My 17 month old nephew was there.
Let’s just say that he LOVES his big cousins and they LOVE him too! His face lights up when he sees them walk through the door. My oldest wants to pick him up so badly that I have to watch her very closely. My youngest just loves to give him hugs and hugs and more hugs. He follows them around like a little puppy!
This afternoon, they found a zizerd (lizard for those of you who don’t speak baby). My nephew held it until he realized it was alive. Then, he just ran after it. Poor lizard!
After their adventure with the lizard, they ate a little ice cream. My oldest gave my nephew a little bite and he began doing his happy dance. His happy dance is part Happy Feet tap dance, part Axl Rose sway and all adorable! He does like his ice cream. And really, who can blame him? Ice cream is delicious.
I felt a slight twinge of remorse for allowing my daughters to corrupt my nephew with ice cream when his mother wasn’t around. But, it’s not like he’s going to tell on me!


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